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Tearms of Use

Association Regulations for Members (Bartenders)
Before navigating the site and before using the information, content, tools, and services presented or offered, or made available through the site, you are asked to read carefully the terms and conditions of use listed below, as well as the guidelines and conditions that appear on various pages of the site.

Membership fee
Association membership is free of cost.
Member states that he/she is a certified bartender, a graduate of a bartender course, and is above the age limit required in the area of residence; or that he is an active bartender with over a year of active bartending experience.

World Bartending School Association (the site, its owners, managers, employees, and operators) and all that belongs to it online at the address or any other address relating to it, including all sub-pages belonging to it and all email addresses and all software and user interfaces intended for use by members and site operators, including interfaces for free content, tools, and services offered or presented, or made available through it, or any other digital information, databases, passwords and source code, this and more, including website design, pages, advertisements, and interfaces, from member interfaces and content (ideas, text, and visual), and all action and/or creation subject to copyright, all these belong to the w-b-s-a site and to its rightful owners; and for the purpose of convenience in this document are henceforth referred to as following: website and/or site and/or site w-b-s-a and/or site operator.
The member acknowledges and agrees that the World Bartending Schools Association is not responsible for the information or content originating from third parties (Association members), including with respect to infringement of privacy, libel, defamation, infringement of copyright or moral right, as well as not responsible for the reliability, credibility, truthfulness, or accuracy of information, or content, or tools, or products mentioned above. The responsibility resides solely with third parties and the member making use of these.
The member commits to that the messages posted by it will not violate any law and/or will not contain any material that infringes on or violates proprietary rights of others, and/or any pornographic material or blatant sexual content, and/or content liable to offend public sensibilities, and/or any materials concerning and identifying minors, and/or any illegal material, and/or material that encourages, supports, aids, provides instructions for implementation of, or is identifiable as an act which constitutes a criminal offense under the laws of the State of Israel and/or other sovereign state, and/or any material that violates judicial orders or that may violate judicial orders, and/or liable to harm national security, and/or violate the provisions of censorship, and/or any material which constitutes libel or may constitute a defamation of a person, and/or invades individuals’ privacy and/or any material whose publication is prohibited by any judicial order, and/or any material that may mislead the consumer, within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Law, 1981, or any other law.

The member agrees to compensate and/or indemnify WBSA for any expense and/or damage and/or financial loss caused by breach of these regulations and/or infringement of any third party’s rights as a result of advertising messages on member’s behalf.

Member Benefits
Member of the WBSA who join the Association are entitled to enjoy all the benefits offered by bartending schools that are members of the Association and an integral part thereof.
Each member of the Association is assigned a personal profile to which he can upload images, articles, and personal and professional information. All information posted by a member of the Association is the sole responsibility of the member. Members are exclusively responsible for obtaining intellectual property rights for materials published by them.
The member agrees not to use the logo and/or name of the Association without obtaining prior written permission.
The Association management will do its utmost to ensure that all the benefits are granted as presented on the Association’s site, and if one of the member schools does not provide the benefits as it had committed itself to and as presented on the site, you are asked to report immediately to the management of the Association in order for us to handle the matter and preclude similar incidents from occurring in the future.
It is made clear and agreed that benefits advertised by the Association concerning the schools may vary from time to time.
It is made clear and agreed that members of WBSA can use the online placement services offered on the site. Furthermore, it is hereby clarified that the WBSA site is not responsible for employers, has no connection with employers, and any ensuing labor agreement is the sole responsibility of parties involved.


The World Bartending School Association is committed to maintaining privacy as indicated below:
1. Under no circumstances shall site operators disclose personal contact information of members, such as e-mail address, address (except city), sexual identity, etc. without obtaining prior consent of the member, except as needed or required by law or legal proceedings when such information is relevant.
2. Any other information provided by the member when registering to the site (such as occupation, marital status, etc.) may appear on the site, unless explicitly noted otherwise, in order to allow members to identify and know one other.
3. Site operators have the right to transfer to third parties aggregate information about friends and subscribers.
4. It is possible that user information will be used for advertising segmentation purposes, and the routing of personal messages that match member profiles to members, without divulging any specific member details to third parties, as specified in Section 1 above.
5. A member may request to be deleted from the database maintained by the site by sending a request to the site administrator.
The member declares hereby that he/she allows the site to make any use of information and details that he/she provided to it, including for the purpose of sending information about site services and related third parties.


The Association retains the right to shut down the site and from time to time to change its structure, appearance, and the availability of services and content provided therein, without prior notice. Members of the Association shall have no claim or demand against the Association in this regard.
The website and its contents are made available as is at the discretion of the Association, and there will be no claim or demand against the Company in connection with the attributes of usage, limitations, or responses prompted by the advertisement on the site and on the end devices


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